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Raw material:

Raw material for logs is spruce or pine. When selecting the wood, most of clients choose the spruce, because of the lighter natural colour.  Spruce has also smaller and healthy branches and better weatherproof qualities.


Log production:

Log is glued from several pieces of sawn timber to one log, so that heart of the wood stays outside of the log. This makes the exterior surface stronger and less cracking in future. On same time, best wood is chosen for exterior lamella’s, for having the best quality surface.



The size of log can be chosen according to use and need. For every log size there is also log panel which describe to log itself.

Delivery content:

Our delivery includes almost everything for house construction. In export, the most popular content has been the wooden material delivery, which includes log frame, all wooden materials with windows and doors.


Delivery content is made by customer’s needs.


All materials are packed for proof of weather and transportation. All materials are easy to find and assemble on building site thanks to plans, instructions and material lists.


All delivered materials have a CE approval.